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By accepting delivery of the OPNBar from this distributor you agree to the following conditions:

SHIPPING CONTAINER SAFETY INTERNATIONAL is proud of the quality and detail that goes into each OPNBar  that is manufactured. while confident that customers are receiving top of the line products; this product has certain definite uses and only said uses and if mishandled could cause injury to the user.

SHIPPING CONTAINER SAFETY INTERNATIONAL OPNBar is manufactured in an effort to fit the most current container fittings, however, manufacturers are constantly updating their products, and even the slightest change in a container can affect the proper and safe fit of your OPNBar.  SHIPPING CONTAINER SAFETY INTERNATIONAL and its owners will not be responsible for such changes or other human errors which can and do incur despite diligent efforts.  SHIPPING CONTAINER SAFETY INTERNATIONAL accepts no responsibility or liability for accidents or deaths due to the product.  The entire risk of the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer.

Always abide by the established rules for the safe handling of the OPNBar.

Please understand that SHIPPING CONTAINER SAFETY INTERNATIONAL is not liable in any way for wear and tear on the OPNBar .

All OPNBar’s are manufactured and sold through SHIPPING CONTAINER SAFETY INTERNATIONAL “as is” with all possible faults.

This product exists for 3 uses and 3 uses alone. and for safe operation must be used as follows:

Leverage or Open Bar (OPNBar)

When using leverage bar, make sure the rectangular mouth of the bar is snug on the container door handle. For best results firmly insert OPNBar and apply forward pressure when operating. OPNBar should be tight and should not wobble. Failure to do so can result in the tool, or the operator to slip resulting in injury. The tool must be operated by using 2 hands with a firm grip at all times to reduce the risk of injury; when using the tool the operator must have both feet planted firmly on the ground while wearing dry work gloves with the safety strap so the tool will not slip out of one’s hand.

5th Wheel Release Hook

Operator must have a good leverage grip and should make sure hook is snug on the 5th wheel release hook. Use two hands, firmly gripping the hook from handle to the angled section of the tool to ensure that the OPNBar hook is secure and pressed against the 5th wheel release hook securely.  Failing to do so could cause the operator to fly back and result in injury.

Tire Thumper

While tire thumping is a quick way to check for flat tires, you must always check with a tire gauge if you suspect that a tire is low on air.  The apparatus must be used as a tool to detect changes in sound when thumping tires to quickly point out if there is an issue with a tire.

This product should be stowed in a secure area, away from children and should not be exposed to excess heat or frigidity which may affect the durability of the product.

Return Policy

This company has no refund policy. Distributor is not the manufacturer, nor the actual mailing agent. damage is not the responsibility of this company. if product in issue is damaged or a seal broken, return to this company and product will be replaced by the manufacturer.

If product arrives damaged, contact us for return within 90 days.  Damage after receipt of product is not the responsibility of SCS International.

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