Trucker Tool

3 Trucker Tools in 1!

Did you know that trucking, cargo and insurance companies lose billions a year due to operator injury? Did you know 50% of all trucking injuries are sprains/strains? We introduce 3 trucker tools in 1, a shipping container safety hand leverage tool, tire thumper, and 5th wheel pull hook, designed for opening and closing truck trailers and shipping containers with the safety of the truck driver, operator, and worker foremost in mind.

This intermodal container (also known as ISO containerconex boxrailroad container, and certain truck trailers) cargo inspection tool and leverage safety bar is to aid in opening and closing side-by-side doors found within Dismountable Shipping Cargo Container Trailer Transportation Industries (Railroad, Harbor, and Trucking Industries).

Trucker Tool

Trucker Tool – 3 Tools in 1!

It is the perfect instrument, to assist the truck driver or yard worker in opening and closing of shipping container doors and locking mechanisms found on conventional style (side by side) doors, allowing opening and closing of shipping container doors to be a great deal easier.

Door Latch Handle Extender

As a Door Latch Handle Extender, it is a safety leverage bar to assist the truck driver and operator in opening and closing shipping container doors. Great for opening and closing cargo containers that are rusted or frozen!


Tire Thumper

The Tire Thumper function assists the truck driver in a quick method of evaluating properly inflated tires for truck driver safety. Properly inflated tires make a loud, sharp thud. Poorly inflated tires make a dull thud.


5th Wheel Pull Hook

The 5th Wheel Pull Hook assists the truck driver in releasing the fifth wheel which can cause neck, shoulder and back injury, damaging your clothes with grease, oil, and road grime. This pull hook can help eliminate these problems.