The Cost of Workers Comp Payments Is 1 Billion Dollars per Week

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The Cost of Workers Comp Payments
is 1 Billion Dollars per Week

How are Workers Injured?

An infographic from Bolt Insurance shows workman’s comp claims costing US businesses alone $1 Billion dollars per week.  1 in 4 injuries are caused by overexertion.




Most Dangerous Industries

One of the most dangerous industries to work in is the transportation and warehousing business.


Cost of Workman’s Comp Claims to Businesses

Indirect costs of injuries may be 20 times the direct costs.  Businesses are left with having to pay for workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses, cost for legal services, with indirect costs including training replacement employees, repairs of damaged equipment and property, lowered employee moral and productivity as result, accident investigation, and implementation of corrective measures.


Infographic brought to us by BOLT Insurance



How Much is Workman’s Comp?

Workers compensation insurance for trucking companies is expensive. It pays to shop around for a commercial truck insurance policy and find the best deal.

Rates are mostly a function of the number of drivers you have and their salary. These rates also vary tremendously by state with California having the highest rates in the nation. It pays to shop around and get the best deal. We can help you with that.

Here’s a real example based on a truck company with 4 drivers with annual salaries of $38,000/year.

  • In Alabama the rate would be $375 per driver per month. So with 4 drivers, it would cost $18,000/year for a workers compensation policy.
  • In Mississippi the rate would be $250 per driver per month. With 4 drivers the yearly cost would be $12,000.
  • In California the rate, don’t cry, would be $625/month per driver. So 4 drivers would be $30,000 each year. Ouch!

Who Needs Workman’s Comp?

When you have employees, they may get injured while on the job. If you had to pay their medical bills out of pocket, you could go bankrupt faster than a Ferrari in the hammer lane. Workers comp covers your truck drivers if they are injured or disabled while working for you.

This is also commonly called Workman’s compensation, but if you haven’t noticed, there is a growing number of lady truckers. So it’s best to pick a name for the coverage that includes everyone.

The laws for this coverage vary by state, but if you have employees you need this coverage. There are stiff penalties for not covering your employees.

Reducing Accidents

Equip truck drivers and operators with the proper tools needed to help them avoid injury.

The OPNBar tool, for instance can help avoid some injuries by providing an ergonomic means of opening shipping containers, checking for low pressure tires, and aiding operators in releasing the tractor from the trailer.

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