About Shipping Container Safety International

Did you know that trucking, cargo, warehouse, and insurance companies lose billions of dollars a year due to operator injury? Studies show that 50% of all trucking injuries are due to sprains and strains.  To help offset these unwanted expenses the company created OPNBar, a 3 in 1 shipping container safety leverage tool, tire thumper, and 5th wheel release hook.

The concept of Shipping Container Safety International’s marquee product, “OPNBar“, was created to solve the issue of opening and closing shipping container doors, in addition to other safety functions. Over time, container doors become difficult to open or close as a result of exposure to frigid conditions, oceanic transport, or simple wear and tear. Not only did the company find that shipping containers were difficult to open/close for most operators, it was also discovered that many operators have been exposed and are prone to injury. A lot research and trial testing has been performed to create OPNBar. The company believes that it has created the most efficient and well made product of its kind.

Shipping Container Safety International is a company that will continue to make quality safety tools to assist shipping container and trucking operators. The purpose of these products will always be to assist operators in productivity while promoting workplace safety.